Top 25 Customer Experience Leaders (Plus 25 More to Watch) [Infographic]

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3/10/15 11:29 AM


Customer experience management – for almost anyone who excels in marketing, customer service, sales, or management, it’s a guiding star. Top professionals across industries and geographies use the principles of CEM every day to ensure optimal performance of their customer-facing functions. But with all the new developments in the field how can you be sure you’re setting the right course? Whose thinking and expertise should guide you? Our list of 2015’s top CEM influencers (and 25 more to watch) provides the answers.

We crunched all the numbers to identify the CEM luminaries who are influencing the field today. Our influence algorithm weighed seven key factors, including social media presence, blog influence, and book sales, to create a comprehensive list of leaders whose thought leadership is sure to be worth your time.

Change at the Speed of CEM

Though CEM seems central to our way of thinking now, as a field it’s a relative newcomer. Journey with us back in time for a moment, to 1985. Pour a cup of Folgers coffee (there’s no Starbucks on the corner), then turn on the radio and enjoy Madonna singing her new hit, “Like a Virgin.” Pick up a paper (in print, of course) and read about Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher conferring with the USSR’s new leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.

All right, coffee break’s over. Ready to hop online to monitor the experience your customers are having with your company and schedule an email to remind your promoters of different ways to engage with you in the coming weeks?

Not so fast. You’ll have to wait a year, until 1986, before you can even use contact management software to track your customers, and then another 10 years or so before emailing becomes common. And it won’t be until 1998 that the business world begins to use the term “customer experience.” You won’t get the benefit of the Net Promoter discipline until 2004.

Back to the Future

But enough of big hair, skinny ties and women’s suits with shoulder pads, let’s jump back to the present. Take a sip of your Frappuccino (did you get a satisfaction survey on your smartphone as you left the store?) and settle in to catch up with the latest thinking on customer experience management.

Just last year, customer experience surpassed product innovation as the top innovation focus for many companies; 18% of marketing budgets are now allocated to customer experience work, according to Gartner. With all this increased attention, keeping up with all the changes in the field -- the new thinking and opportunities -- will become even more of a necessity as CEM principles extend their infuence over customer-facing disciplines.

Check out our infographic of CEM leaders, start following them on social media (if you aren’t already), and be inspired by their thought leadership. And with the benefit of all their insights, who knows… perhaps you will you find yourself on our list in years to come!


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