Spring Clean Your CX Program with Our Success Toolkit

Posted by Blog Editor

4/11/16 1:00 PM

SMX-SpringClean_Blog.jpgWho doesn’t love springtime, with its fresh starts and renewed energy? Bring a little springtime to your customer experience management program with our three-part success toolkit. Get ready to refresh!


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Announcing UNITE: The 10th Annual Net Promoter Conference

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2/3/16 9:52 AM


Are you a customer experience pro who loves rolling up your sleeves and solving CX challenges that make a difference for your company? Do you get a thrill from learning and applying the latest best practices and technology solutions to provide a superior customer experience, while at the same time improving your company’s bottom line? If so, join us, along with hundreds of like-minded Net Promoter practitioners and customer experience (CX) professionals, in New Orleans, May 4-5, 2016, for UNITE: The 10th Annual Net Promoter Conference.


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NPS2: Innovating to Meet the Challenges of a Changing CX Landscape

Posted by Josh Danson

11/6/15 10:56 AM


Innovation, the process by which new ideas prove their worth, gain acceptance, capture the imagination and take flight, is a key driver of economic and social vitality. Especially out here in Silicon Valley, where innovation is the lifeblood of the tech economy, new ideas are supplanted by newer ones every day of the week and no one feels safe resting on their laurels for very long.


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Expert Advice to Get, and Keep, Your CX Program on Track

Posted by Josh Danson

10/21/15 12:00 PM



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Find Out How The City Bin Co.'s Focus on CX Gave it Wings

Posted by Satmetrix

10/15/15 12:38 PM


“What is the engine of your company, the source of its energy, its purpose? Having a clear answer to this question has been the foundation of our customer service achievements. For us, the answer is: providing excellent customer experiences, and Net Promoter guides us.” -- Louise Niemann, The City Bin Co.


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Happy CX Day - Become a CX Hero!

Posted by Josh Danson

10/6/15 6:00 AM



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CX Q & A with Gartner's Software Advice Expert Craig Borowski

Posted by Josh Danson

9/23/15 10:41 AM


In his recently published report on customer experience, “4 Steps to Avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and Improve Customer Experience,” Craig Borowski describes some of the challenges that companies face in getting their CX program up and running and provides advice on how to tackle those challenges. Borowski a well-respected researcher and analyst for the tech analysis and recommendations company Software Advice™, breaks the process down into four steps and helps to demystify the much-discussed, but often misunderstood, field of customer experience management.


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When the Journey Ends: 3 Tips to Keep the Parting Sweet, Not Sorrowful

Posted by Deb Eastman

9/16/15 9:50 AM



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How to Achieve CX ROI: Think Big, Think Small, Get Loopy!

Posted by Josh Danson

9/4/15 12:50 PM



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Customer Passion: What is it and How do you Light the Spark?

Posted by Jill Dean

8/26/15 12:19 PM



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